July 5, 2011

Dear “wellness” seekers:

Did you know that a large number of Hollywood celebrities are serious meditators? Here is a list taken from the Internet... geez, they must be doing this for some very good reasons, right?

To find out the reasons, read my new book, The Hollywood Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Depression. P.S. I did, and I really learned a lot!

The list …

The following are either avid beginners or seasoned practitioners of various types of meditation. Some of these individuals include Jessica Alba; Jennifer Aniston; Halle Berry; Orlando Bloom; Kate Bosworth; Russell Brand; Adrien Brody; Jim Carrey; Jackie Chan; Leonard Cohen; Sheryl Crowe; Clint Eastwood; Jane Fonda; Danny Glover; John Gray; Herbie Hancock; Kate Hudson; Hugh Jackman; Angelina Jolie; Patti LaBelle; Jennifer Lopez; Paul McCartney; Eva Mendes; Kylie Minogue; Katy Perry; Keanu Reeves; Meg Ryan; Carlos Santana; Martin Scorsese; Jerry Seinfeld; Jessica Simpson; Will Smith; Howard Stern; Ulma Therman; Tina Turner; and Stevie Wonder.

Check out the “inner” world; it will help you deal with your “outer” world.



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