My New Book

June 30, 2011

I have just finished my new book titled, The Hollywood Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Depression. It has been a labor of love for over 10 years. My motivation behind this project is strong and powerful: It is to help others deal effectively with stress, anxiety and depression without any drugs or having to attend therapy for several years. It is called “self-care” or “self-healing,” a process whereby you initiate the healing yourself, in your own way, and at your own pace.

My commitment is also clear. It is to help you get to a new place, specifically to a place of lasting peace, inner joy, and serenity. I know I will be able to assist your in this regard if I do two key things: First, in the main body of the book, explain to you how the mind actually works and in turn how it creates your “reality,” meaning how you see yourself and your world, and your place in it; second, explain several mind “traps” to you and through critical analysis, show you how your current way of thinking can negatively impact your life. You are encouraged to repeat this same exercise for each and every hurtful issue you may be currently experiencing, whether there are two, three, or four of them. Of course this may take a few days, and that’s fine. The result will be the same: knowing you are love, only love. At this point, with this powerful insight in mind, a transformation of major proportions takes place in your life: You will find yourself acting in ways that are consistent with this new-found reality!

The result will be the same: knowing you are love, only love. 

The transformational process that is described in the book involves utilizing the unlimited faculties of your mind to best advantage. More specifically, this requires knowing, first and foremost, how to think and second, how to not think. The former involves practicing the key skill called critical thinking, while the latter involves tapping into the richness and vastness of universal mind

It has been known for centuries that if you tap into the stillness within, to the place of no-mind or “no-thoughts,” your mind moves beyond the “active” mode of thinking to the “passive” mode of not thinking. In the process, by spending time in stillness, in the present moment, you will find many benefits will come your way that can be had no other way. Among these benefits, which are too numerous to mention, you will find the lasting peace, inner joy, and serenity that we have been talking about. Indeed, this book takes you on a single journey … but it opens your life to a thousand joys!

“You cannot see the light until you begin to walk the path.”


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