Life Coach & Mentoring

Dr. Staples offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions to a wide range of individuals in all walks of life including accountants, architects, writers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, military personnel, law enforcement officers, high school, college and university students, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, politicians, amateur and professional athletes, as well as business executives. All arrangements are necessarily personal and strictly confidential.

Sessions may continue anywhere from six weeks to six months, with three months being the average. This offering, called the total wellness coaching program, has proven to be highly successful over several years, and is based on the many insights, concepts and themes contained in his latest book, The Hollywood Cure™ for Stress, Anxiety and Depression as well as other important life-changing research findings by Dr. Staples.

“Love is simply recognizing the Sacred in another, in fact, the same Sacred that is in you in another.”


“When you live and sense the love that is in all things, you are never alone. You are in the company of the Sacred.”


“For most people, the inner journey is the journey of last resort; they go there only after they discover the outer journey doesn’t work. What a shame … for the inner journey is the only one that has any meaning, any substance, any real joy.”


“When you live authentically, in alignment with your Source, you will naturally mirror the love that is your Source. You will see the futility of being anything other than who you really are.”


“Your Source knows only good; by being an instrument of this good, you are contributing to the collective wellness of all those close to you, and through them, to all of humanity.”


“When the love in you recognizes the love that is in another – what is your very essence – that’s ‘it’ … that awareness is ‘it!’

The ‘it’ is the Sacred.

And that Sacred is in you!”


“Your Source is all loving, all powerful, and all knowing. It follows that once you understand your Source, identify with your Source, and become One with your Source, so too will you take on these same attributes.”


“Take 15 minutes … go into silence … and try to see the many facets of ‘Oneness’ … of a simple, stoic frog … sitting patiently … on a shiny, green lily pad.”


“Where do you think all great thoughts – of wonder, of revelation, and of hope – come from, both big and small? From silence, of course. Can it be any surprise, then, to discover that this is where God also resides?”



This means one thing on the back-end of a Cadillac and quite another at the forefront of your mind. In the latter case, it means your ‘spontaneous tears of sorrow’ as you witness all the needless pain and suffering that is taking place in our world today.”


“‘Who am I?’

The physical world in which you find yourself is totally incapable of answering this question. Oh my goodness, what to do?”


“The key to a prosperous and joyous life is this – find out who you are, then live according to what you have found out.”


“You cannot hope to do great things until you know you have greatness within you.”


“Unconditional love is the one connecting link that each of us shares with all things.

It is literally embedded in our DNA.”


“When you find love, and become that love, you will have found your true Self.”


“All your searching, confusion, doubt, and anxieties will disappear when you discover who and what you are – love, unlimited love. This knowing – that you are love – allows you to know you are worthy of every blessing, every kindness, every thing.”


“The ‘power’ that is represented in ‘All That Is’ is also in you. It includes empathy, compassion, understanding, hope, resiliency, patience, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, optimism … all the glorious manifestations of love.”


“When you recognize and embrace your very essence, and accept it as who you are, the more abundance of every kind will appear in your everyday life, especially love. For once you have found it, it has found you, and will manifest itself through you. As a result, your life will never be the same.”


“Remember that your true Self or true nature is not something that is false or fabricated or phony or fluctuating. It is constant, pure, natural, and authentic. It is incorrupt and permanent. It is real. It is also something you dearly love, and want to know more about; in fact, you want to become intimate with it … to become one with it. Why? Because you know when you are real, you are home. And when you are home, you are at peace.”


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